Current pricing for service operations

All new engagements can only be booked after Engagement Fee of £40 is paid by debit / credit card online. This allows us to verify the identity of the person / organisation requesting the work. Please note that the installation address must match the billing address of the debit or credit card used to pay. The Engagement fee is not refundable.


#Type of WorkPrice per hour
1Electrical (Domestic)£35
2Electrical (Commercial & Industrial)£48
3Plumbing and heating (Domestic)£33
4Plumbing and heating (Commercial)£45

Billing duration is rounded up to the full hour. Where an engagement encompasses more than one type of work then the highest price per hour rate will be due. 

Parts / Materials

Parts, materials and consumables will be charged at their retail cost plus a 5% handling fee. Bespoke parts / items that have been made to order will be charged at their gross invoiced charge to us, plus a 15% surcharge.


Payment must be made on invoice by the due date specified as set out in the Terms of the Engagement, but in any case, within 21 days of the invoice date.